Martes, Mayo 31, 2016

Polar M400 Running Watch is Pretty Cool

Polar M400 GPS sports watch and activity tracker lives up to their slogan. The Polar M400 truly does listen to your body. Running watches are not only the new and coolest thing in the fitness world, these watches really do help keep people motivated and accountable for their athletic performance. The M400 can do that for their customers by offering great features on this watch. The M400 has smart coaching, integrated GPS, smart notifications, and 24/7 activity tracking.

The M400 smart notifications are one of the coolest features of this sports watch. You will see motivational encouragement such as “Great Pace! You improved your aerobic fitness, speed, and ability.” That’s just like having a mini personal trainer attached to your arm. People like and need to be challenged in their fitness development and the smart coaching feature is a great way to stay motivated about achieving the best fitness level.

Another awesome feature of the Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch & ActivityTracker is the back to start feature. With this tool the M400 can help you discover new routes to take while running. Also if you are running in a new town or just running on a new route you can feel secure knowing that the GPS tracker will help guide you home. Knowing that you are able to find your way home will help you adventure farther than you have ever gone before and that will help you gain the a better fitness physique you desire. Another feature of the GPS is that it will track your speed and distance.

The smart notification on the M400 will help anyone stay in contact with the outside world if they choose to do so while working out. You can take calls, receive messages, and even get notifications from your social media sites if that's your kind of thing. When someone is calling you it will pop up on your watch. You will see their name and you can either accept it or silence it, the choice is yours. 

The 24/7 activity tracking is the last feature of the watch that I am going to mention and it's a pretty cool one. It's so important for you to track your heart rate monitor when working out and we all know that. With the M400 it will count every heartbeat during your workout. While it's doing its heart rate monitoring the M400 will also be collecting data on the amount of fat you're burning and if your athletic performance is improving.

Sport watches are a great tool to have when working out. The M400 is great for both male and female and for all fitness levels. The features that the M400 provides are all super helpful to gaining better athletic performance. This watch is truly like having a personal trainer at your side encouraging you by offering motivational tips, guiding you along your route, allowing you to stay in contact with others, and providing complete fitness tracking all day.

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